December 17, 2017
December 17, 2017


We come together on the evening of Autumn Equinox for an empowering Women’s Ceremony ‘Celebrating Wholeness’. A gathering to embrace the light and dark that swirls within each of us through Mediation, Yoga, Supported Sharing and African Dance.

Equinox is the symbolic day of equal day and night, and at this time we are once again reminded of the delicate need for balance. This symbolic point of balance has been celebrated by our ancestors since the beginning of time. In cultures across our planet this period marks an initiation and symbolic integration of the forces of light and dark.

It is also a powerful time to harness the light and power generated of the summer months, to carry us through the more internal journey that winter will bring, and to begin to embrace our shadow. It is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the abundance in our lives, and on this evening, to dance, manifest, and share with each other.

On the evening:
We will begin this workshop with Opening ceremony calling in intention, welcoming Authentic sharing by using tools to weave stories and find truth within our body wisdom. We will use the activation of this potent day to integrate the light and shadow aspects within ourselves as a way to tap into our full expression, our Majestic Wholeness as a woman.

A moment out of time as we slowly begin by opening the body together through embodied Flow Yoga, a Moving meditation accessing and exploring the conversation and necessity of both polarities within us.
After connecting with our bodies and intentions, we will continue with a revitalising African Dance session where we invite and open up to possibilities of equality and truly shake down and celebrate within West African inspired dance movement.
We close with a earthy and integrating Yoga Nidra practice to fully balance and ground the energy.

There will be time for nibbles and connection at the end.

About Kerry:
Kerry’s Heart-work as a Women’s Circle leader, Space Holder, Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Moon Mother is elevated by her own innner shaman healing journey. Passionately living and guiding women to feel Truth through Movement, Energy Healing & Ancient Body Wisdom.
The journey of the Divine Feminine lead to a ’ tune in’ V’s ‘numb out spiral and this has been one of the most enriching keys to evolve ~the real path back to Self Love. Kerry’s essence is Light, Authentic, Deep and Rich. Inviting women to Remember the truth of who they are with Compassion, Support and Heart. Holding regular workshops, ceremonies and retreats.

About Olissa:
With years spent deeply immersed in Afro-fusion movement from Brasil and West and South Africa, and the conscious House communities, her movement and teaching focuses on our centres, our heart’s expression, and each person’s unique and joyful physical expression.
Olissa combines her love for what these movement worlds stand for and focuses on their union both in spirit and in form: The celebration of life and its cycles which lives at the root of all African Dance forms and the freedom and acceptance that is House. Olissa’s energy comes from meaningful action, community creation, and that drum!

Together we will sweat, smile, release, and uplift! We will be creating a supportive and celebratory circle through deep movement and meaningful expression.

Investment £25 earlybird (until 7th September) £30
Or Kerry 07545490469
Concessions available

With Love,
Kerry and Sara

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